Навучальныя курсы MySQL

Навучальныя курсы MySQL

Local instructor-led live MySQL training courses in Беларусь.

MySQL Course Outlines

Course Name
Course Name
14 hours
This SQL training course is for people who want to gain the necessary skills to extract and analyse data from any database and create reports. Course members will learn:
  • how to write SQL queries
  • what relational databases are and how we can use them
  • what are relations and how to create them
  • the structure of data
  • differences between SQL dialects (Oracle, T-SQL, ANSI)
  • practical skills for writing queries
This SQL course deals with generic ANSI SQL. It can be used in any database, including Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, DB2, Informix, PostgreSQL any other relational databases.
35 hours
Курс навучання дапамагае ўдзельнікам падрыхтавацца да развіцця вэб-апликацый з дапамогай Python Programming з Data Analytics. Такая візуалізацыя дадзеных з'яўляецца вялікім інструментам для Top Management у выкананні адказнасці.
14 hours
  • How to build a query?
  • What is a relational database?
  • What is the structure and SQL commands?
7 hours
This course has been created for people already acquainted with SQL. The course introduces you into secrets common to all SQL databases as well as MySQL specific syntax, functions and features.
14 hours
MySQL Адміністрацыйны трэнінг курс для кожнага, хто хоча ажыццяўляць сервер базы дадзеных MySQL. Кожны шлях - гэта толькі некаторыя з найбольш складаных ставак. Курс паказвае, як MySQL Database працуе, якія інструменты даступныя, як мы можам выкарыстоўваць іх, як мы можам забяспечыць MySQL Database сервер і наладзіць яго. У цяперашнім курсе вы будзеце ведаць, як ажыццяўляць рахункі карыстальнікаў і як працуе MySQL Access Система прывілеі. Вы таксама будзеце ведаць, як ажыццяўляць вашу базу дадзеных, спатрэбіцца і ажыццяўляць вашы базы дадзеных і ажыццяўляць рэакцыю аварыі.
14 hours
MariaDB Administration training course is for anyone who wants to administrate the MariaDB database server. It is a comprehensive course covering all administrator duties. The course explains how MariaDB Database works, what tools are available, how we can use them, how we can secure the MariaDB Database Server and configure it. During the training course you will learn how to manage user accounts and how the MariaDB Access Privilege System works. You also will learn how to maintain your database, backup and recover your databases and perform crash recovery.
21 hours
This course is intended for database administrators. The course presents options for High-Availability solutions using Galera Cluster. You will learn the basics of Galera technology, as well as more advanced topics and practical knowledge related to configuring, optimizing and administering a Galera Cluster.
28 hours
Audience: Any IT professionals who aspire to become DBAs or database support professionals on MySql Database on linx/windows platforms. Format: 40% theoretical/lectures, 60%Practical/hands on lab
14 hours
«Аналіз паказаў, што выдатак кармавых адзінак на 1 кг прыбаўлення на старых комплексах значна перавышае гэтае значэнне на новых. Jest гэта унікальна распрацаваны для Платформы Percona Праграмнае забеспячэнне інструмент, które гарантуе стварэння бясплатных спажывецкіх копій, даследаванне дадзеных і хуткае дыягноз і рашэнне праблемыów.
28 hours
In this instructor-led, live training in Беларусь, participants will learn how to install, configure and manage MariaDB for high availability and performance. Other topics include backup and recovery, security and clustering.
21 hours
This bespoke course has been designed specifically against the requirements provided by Now Managed Learning Services
14 hours
This instructor-led, live training in Беларусь (online or onsite) is aimed at engineers who wish to use a proxy approach to ensure high availability for MySQL based databases. By the end of this training, participants will be able to:
  • Install and configure ProxySQL.
  • Enable thousands of concurrent database connections over multiple backend servers.
  • Deploy multiple ProxySQL proxies spanning numerous database instances.
  • Optimize the performance of a MySQL cluster, without altering the querying applications.

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